Our Story

Hey there! My name is Dee and I am glad you came for a visit.  I am a wife to a hardworking man, a homeschooling mama to three uniquely different children, and a caretaker to a whole passel of animals that help make up our little farm.

Though we now live on a little over five acres not far outside of Athens, GA, our homesteading journey started in a little house, tucked away at the end of a neighborhood cul-de-sac. Our desire to know where our food came from and to know how it was raised slowly morphed into a desire to be the ones to raise our food. This desire also extended to the products that our family used. First came a square foot  garden and my husband’s successful attempts at growing our first vegetables; then came a handful of chickens, hidden in a wooded clearing down the hill from our house.  I still remember that moment, raising the hatch of the nesting box and seeing our first egg.  It felt like magic!

Honestly, it was all downhill from there. We began dreaming… dreaming of a place where we could have chickens, cows, goats, and pigs, where my husband could have a his big garden, where we could collect pecans from pecan trees , where our children could run around and be just that, children. With a lot of searching, and a whole lot of practiced patience, we found our bigger homestead.  A little house sitting under a large oak tree, with pecan trees spattered all over the property.  We knew as we walked the property for the first time, we had found our Hidden Ridge Farm.

​Come join us as I share the unfolding story of our homesteading journey.  Walk alongside us as we try to create a lifestyle that is sustainable and kind to the resources that we have been blessed with.